Allthingshea was dreamt up by a husband and wife team one fine day.

We were brainstorming on the kinds of products that Australia does not have but would benefit from.

My husband's aunty who is part of a team of women in Africa which manufactures Raw Organic

Grade A Shea Butter asked if we make Shea Butter here in Australia and

after much research, we realised that we do not grow the Shea tree here.  

Hence AllthingShea was born. 

After receiving the fresh Shea Butter from Africa, we realised that Shea Butter has a very distinctive smell and many friends who used it was complaining of the nutty smell that they are not used to. So I decided to try experimenting on making skincare products with Shea Butter as the main ingredient but with different smells and aromas, in my kitchen of course. And so I went to the experts I know in Africa and USA and learnt their trade. 

It took many years but my products have been finetuned.

One day, a friend suggested on selling my creations online which started me on this website but to tell you the truth, trying to get my all natural homemade products to Australians has been a challenge being truely new to website designs, advertising and marketing.

As a wife and mother who has no knowledge of how to start an online business is a real challenge and i am still struggling, wondering how to reach the masses here to this wonderful creation that is so nourishing and good for the skin.

My children have benefited so much and friends and family too as we have great skin, no more psoriasis, eczema and the lot of skin issues. All thanks to Shea Butter and the other all natural ingredients which are expensive but well worth adding them to my creations.

So feel free to browse around and try them; buying small first to test them and I am sure and positive you will find the products absolutely worth it and helpful in managing any skin conditions or even just for relaxation or massage.